Additional pages (Bestseller, Latest, Mostviewed, All products) 2017-10-26

The module creates extra pages "Newest/Latest products", "Popular products", "Bestseller", "All prod

  1. roman1993
    The module creates extra pages "Newest/Latest products", "Popular products", "Bestseller", "All products".

    On these extra pages, you can also include any schemes(layouts) as well as in other templates like "categories", etc.

    • Switching to the grid/list view
    • Sort products by different criteria
    • Sort products by popularity (on the "Popular products" page (new)
    • Limit products per page
    • Pagination
    • Ability to add SEO-friendly urls
    • Cache pages (new)
    • Multilingual (russian and english have been already included)
    • Ability to restrict to show the products by quantity or for the last N months
    The module was implemented on OCMOD and doesn't modify core files.

    Demo page 1.
    Demo page 2.
    Demo page 3.
    Demo page 4.


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