Codecanyon ARForms 2.7.7 - конструктор форм для WordPress v3 Gold Final

ARForms: Wordpress Form Builder Plugin

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    ARForms is premium wordpress form builder plugin with inbuilt support of multiple email marketing system integration facility. It has support of 7 autoresponder systems which are Aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, Icontact, Constant contact, Ebizac, GVO.

    Features List
    • Exclusive Formbuilder plugin with multiple Email Marketing Tools support.
    • Multiple popular Email Marketing Tools integration with form.
    • A very unique and very rich Form Styling Tool with Google Font support.
    • bootstrap style Prefix/Suffix font awesome icons can be added to inputbox
    • To make your forms even better, ARForms supports Form Level Custom CSS as well as Field Level Custom CSS.
    • Multiple column layout support. Now build your forms beautifully with 2 columns and 3 columns.
    • Multiple Form Steps facility to build Survey style forms and Wizard style forms
    • Transparent Modal Forms facility to make your form even richer
    • Flyin Forms & Sticky Forms to enhance your representation of forms
    • Dynamic field setting using Conditional laws. You can Hide/Show fields based on rules applied on field.
    • Data Migration is another very awesome feature of ARForms. You can Import / Export your Forms and Form Entries.
    • You can build forms with Custom Background Image
    • Build forms with Transparent Fields over background image and make give your form unique look
    • Find Arforms in your native language. Multilingual plugin with WPML support.
    • Absolutely no programming skill required.
    • Ready form templates for free.
    • Fully customizable form styling tool.
    • Ajax enabled forms to give smooth experience to users.
    • Twitter bootstrap integrated
    • Wide range of useful form elements to create various forms quickly.
    • progressive file upload facility without FLASH
    • fancy checkbox and radio buttons with multiple color options.
    • To avoid spamming, ARForms has RECaptcha and Custom Captcha Support.
    • Email notification to users and admin.
    • Form Analytics.
    • Recaptcha enabled to avoid spamming.
    • Responsive forms.
    • Export form data.
    • Global as well as form level Email Marketing Tools configuration.
    • Instant preview.
    • Different ways to create form.
      • – popup
      • - widget
    • Embedded Objects supported.
    • Multiple browser compatible.
    • Quick form duplication.
    • Multiple calendar themes.
    • Dedicated support.
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