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Многофункциональный слайдер премиум-класса для создания галерей изображений, слайдеров

  1. Hornet

    Что нового в версии LayerSlider 6.4.0 от 2nd May 2017
    • Bonjour! Thanks to conseillerphytoaroma, LayerSlider is now fully translated into French.
    • Sziasztok! We've also added an experimental Hungarian localization in this release.
    • Psst! More languages are on their way! Internationalization in LayerSlider underwent a major overhaul to provide high quality localizations and make translators' life much easier.
    • The English locale has also been updated. Instead of using typewriter characters, we now have nicely formatted punctuation with curly quotes and apostrophes.
    • Added new Google Fonts script subsets: Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Kannada, Malayalam, Myanmar, Oriya, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu and Thai. Welcome, newcomers! :)
    • In cooperation with WPBakery, this update introduce changes to improve compatibility & integration with future versions of Visual Composer. Developers should check our updated Filters reference in the Developer documentation.
    • Added "Important Notice" feature. In cases of important and urgent matters, we can now display a small banner on the admin dashboard to notify everyone. These might be security issues or other justifiable cases. Hopefully, you will never see any of them. :)
    • Entirely new WordPress text editor plugin to insert sliders into your posts and pages. Besides its drastically improved user interface, it also supports keyboard shortcuts, multiple selections and embed options.
    • Added a new premium feature: Global Hover. Create spectacular effects by triggering the Hover Transitions of all layers at once when you hover over the slider with your mouse cursor. A simple example demonstrating this can be found here.
    • Added "Start immediately" option to the Play by Scroll feature. Now it's possible to automatically start playback and only pause sliders at the first keyframe instead of waiting users to scroll down.
    • Added option to override the starting slide of sliders in the shortcode and widget settings.
    • Added letter spacing option to layer styles so you can change the character density in a line or block of text.
    • Enabled word wrapping in CodeMirror code editors.
    • The System Status now has better recommendations with providing the ideal values of each setting.
    • While LayerSlider continues to require PHP 5.3.0 or newer, on the global scope it no longer uses language features that is not available in PHP 5.2.4. This ensures better overall compatibility with WordPress on pages where LayerSlider is not being actively used.
    • Updated documentation to fix page jumping issues when deeplinking.
    • Implemented a potential fix for CloudFlare's Rocket Loader issues.
    • Fixed the image chooser button when using the "Insert image from URL" option.
    • Fixed an isssue that prevented displaying the slider actions popup in some rare cases in the List View.
    • Prevent slider selection (colored highlight) when switching into full screen mode by doubling clicking on the slider.
    • Fixed certain issues with the Outline, Numbers and Rounded Flat skins.
    • Fixed Blend mode with the Origami transition.
    • Fixed alt attributes on the slide thumbnail images.
    • Fixed an issue with the sliderDidRemove event.
    • Fixed a rare issue with the opacity option of the Hover Transition.
    • Countless other bug fixes and improvements throughout the plugin.
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