CodeCanyon - Yellow Pencil - Visual CSS Style Editor 6.1.4

редактор дизайна сайта в режиме реального времени

  1. Hornet

    The plugin lets you customize any theme. Click on an element and start visual customization. Adjust colors, fonts, sizes, positions and a lot more. Take control of your website with more than 50 styles properties.

    Version 6.0.1 (14 April 2017)
    # New: breakpoints to Responsive Tool
    # New: Gradient Background Generator
    # New: Google fonts updated
    # Improvements to Responsive Tool
    # Improvements to visual selection
    # Improvements to Background Patterns
    # Fixed Animation Generator and Animation Manager bugs.
    # Fixed WooCommerce Shop page bug.

    Version 6.0.0 (2 March 2017)
    # Added Edit button to post edit pages.
    # Fixed a few bug.
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