Color Filter - 2.x 2017-02-18

Color Filter - Shop by Color module for Opencart.

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    Color Filter - Shop by Color module for Opencart. This module helps you create a graphical way to select the colors, for filtering products by their color. Based on jquery this module is easy to use and configure.

    Also this module changes the default functionality of OC filters, auto update on selecting the filters, And also added the RESET filters button to clear the filters. (in v3 only)

    * Auto load default Filters (v3 only)
    * Uses basic html
    * multi-color option.
    * No excessive additional script files
    * Clear Filters Button (v3 only)
    *Compatible with default opencart filters (v3 only)
    * No extra loading time.
    * No additional configuration, add colors the normal way u do in opencart filters


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