Custom Image Titles v2.8.0

This modification allows to set custom titles and alt messages for all product images (the main prod

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    What does it do?
    This modification allows to set custom titles and alt messages for all product images (the main product image and additional images) and category images.

    Custom titles are shown as a tooltip on the following product pages: category, manufacturer, product, searchand special; and in the following modules: Bestsellers, Featured, Latest and Special. For the enlarged product image the custom title is displayed as a caption.

    Make your images descriptive and meaningful - tell customers what actually is on the picture.

    NB! Having a descriptive alt text is essential for improved accessibility and it also helps to rank your web page better in search engines.

    Пароль на архив:

    2017-12-14_150255.png 2017-12-14_150418.png

    • Custom product & category image titles
    • Custom image alt texts (concealable inputs)
    • Fully multilingual
    • Custom image title below the main product image (option)
    • Selectable tabbed or untabbed display of multilingual edit fields in admin (see additional images)
    • Option to take content (titles & alt messages) from the admin language fields for secondary languages when left empty
    • Main product image custom title and alt messages appear on category, manufacturer, product, search and special pages, in related products and also in the bestseller, featured, latest and special modules
    • Image sort order (for pre OpenCart versions)

    Live Demo
    OpenCart 2.0 Store / Admin (user/password: demo)
    OpenCart 1.5 Store / Admin (user/password: demo)

    Latest version 2.8.0

    - OpenCart 3.x
    - OpenCart to 2.3.x


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