GreBleen3 - Powerfull opencart 1.5.x template 2016-06-05

GreBleen3 - Powerfull opencart 1.5.x template

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    Frontend demo:

    Admin demo:

    Username: demo and Password: demo

    In admin, navigate to extension > modules and click edit on Grebleen3 Color Manager to see the Color Manager. Also look at the Grebleen3 Advanced Product Slider, Grebleen3 Custom Html and look around to see how modules are set up.

    + 4 New Modules Positions

    + Template Color Manager

    + Advanced Product Slider

    + Custom Html Module

    + Cool design, effects and more

    The Grebleen3 template comes with 4 new module positions: Above Header, Sub Header, Sub Content, Sub Footer (see the images for the new positions map).

    It has a Color Manager that allowes you to change most of the template's elements colors from admin. See in the admin demo > extension > modules > Grebleen3 Color Manager.

    It includes an advanced product slider for which you can also set the colors you want from its admin page. Even if the product slider is included , is not necessary to use it, you can use the default opencart image slideshow or the banner module, the choice is yours.

    It also includes a custom Html module that works similar to the default opencart welcome module, but you can also set a custom title for each module added.

    This template requires you to have vqmod installed. If you dont allready have it installed, download it here:

    In the above header and sub footer positions, if you add one module, the module will strech to full width, if you add more than one module, each module with take up half the width.

    It has a nice and modern design, with slide down animations for header cart and top menu. Products display fine on 1, 2 or 3 columns in product listings(but is recommended to use a 2 column layout as it looks best this way).

    See the demo for more.


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