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LabelMaker allows you to add highly configurable labels/stickers/corner images to your products.

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    LabelMaker allows you to add highly configurable labels/stickers/corner images to your products. For the first time in OpenCart, you can add, rotate, edit and move stickers/labels to any product without using any third party software.Labels can be displayed in the catalog, search, home page and product view. You can upload a label or select a pre-made one. You can also stack labels and position them with sharpshooter accuracy. You can apply labels to thumbnail images, product + thumbnail. Please read the full features list next.


    ✯ NEW: Label can be added if the product quantity is between two values.
    ✯ NEW: Label can be named for an easier integration
    ✯ Live label rotation, stacking, move and resize straight from the admin panel - no third party software needed!
    ✯ Apply labels to Products in specific category, specific products, product types or match special conditions
    ✯ Choose whether to apply the label to additional images
    ✯ Label filtering by product manufacturer
    ✯ Label filtering by out of stock status
    ✯ Label auto scaling
    ✯ Multilingual settings for labels
    ✯ Apply label to thumbnails
    ✯ Apply label to Bestsellers, Specials, Featured, Latest
    ✯ Apply label if quantity is more than/less than/equal to
    ✯ Apply label if price is more than/less than/equal to
    ✯ Add label text, font color, font size
    ✯ Full GoogleFonts integration
    ✯ One click Generate label from text
    ✯ Upload images or use predefined ones
    ✯ Use built in images
    ✯ Upload images to only specific product sizes
    ✯ Choose label opacity
    ✯ Offset label
    ✯ Multistore compatible


    LabelMaker comes with an extensive documentation accompanied by images, installation instructions, features explanations and examples.

    Download LabelMaker Documentation


    Front end Demo

    Admin Demo


    You can find more information about module Licensing, Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop and FAQ in theDocumentation Tab


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