Login by Telephone and more Opencart (OC 2.3) - Авторизация по номеру телефона 2018-02-21

Авторизация по номеру телефона/номеру телефона или почте

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    Login by telephone.
    • Let customers use their telephone instead of the email to log into the store.
      Customers enter telephone + password instead of email + password.
    • Let customers to enter telephone or email in the same field telephone/email (opencart 2 only)
    • When customers forget password, a new password is sent to them by SMS (requires smshare SMS module).
    • Prevent duplicate: You can choose to force telephone to be unique (think about the email how it is unique) at registration. It means that if an account is already registered with a telephone, no other account can be created with the same telephone.
    • Multilanguage support (oc2)

    • VQMOD or OCMOD
    • smshare module: Optional. Needed only if you want to send new password by SMS to customers who forget their password.
    • This extension has been extensively tested with default Opencart Theme without custom checkout plugins. When using custom checkout plugins or custom themes that modify heavily the classical login process (especially at checkout), it is worth noting that some additional integration work may be needed at additional cost.

    Demo Opencart 2
    Demo URL: http://demo3.prowebtec.com/demo_loginbytel_oc2/admin/index.php?route=module/login_by_telephone
    Username: admin
    Password: admin

    Demo Opencart 1
    Demo URL: http://demo3.prowebtec.com/demo_loginbytel_oc1/admin
    Username: admin
    Password: admin


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