(ocMod) Power Image Manager 2.x v3.1.2

Power Image Manager is BEST SELLER extension with more than 1400 sales and more than 3500 downloads.

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    ★★★★★Power Image Manager v3.1.2★★★★★

    The Power Image Manager is complete solution for management of your images.
    This module is perfect replacement for old image manager and you will stop loosing huge amount of time for editing images.
    It supports adding multiple images at once, browse history (saves the last opened folder), Drag & Drop upload images, Resize / Rotate, Search images and many more!
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    Why choose Power Image Manager?

    Power Image Manager is BEST SELLER extension with more than 1400 sales and more than 3500 downloads. This image manager is in top 10 extensions chart and is developed in year 2012. Since then, we had several successful releases and we never stopped improving the power image manager. Our team has developing Opencart extensions since year 2011, we already have thousands of happy customers all around the Globe, who can count on reliable software development and customer support!
    Feel free to check the rating and comments for previous versions of Opencart!
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    • (new) - Stand Alone Image Manager
    • (new) - Multiple starting locations
    • (new) - FTP connector
    • (new) - Plugins - Autoresize
    • (new) - Plugins - Sanitize
    • (new) - Plugins - Watermark
    • New better look!
    • Faster than ever!
    • Multiple languages!
    • Copy Overwrite(yes/no)!
    • Upload Overwrite(yes/no)!
    • Upload file limit settings!
    • Manage Image Manager size (WxH)!
    • Multiple file select & upload
    • Multiple file upload with Drag & Drop (Mozilla,Safari,Google Chrome).
    • Multiple file select & assign to product
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • List & Grid view of files
    • Sort by A-Z, Z-A
    • Quick look at the image
    • Resize,Rotate, Crop images
    • No external dependencies!
    • No files overwritten
    • Doesn't use Flash
    • Readme.txt included

    For KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS please see the documentation tab.


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    Версия: v3.1.2
    Full power image manager!!