Opencart 2.x - AutomatedNewsletter - Fully Automated Newsletter System v2.5.2

AutomatedNewsletter is the easiest way to keep your customers informed about your newest products

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    AutomatedNewsletter is the easiest way to keep your customers informed about your newest products, bestsellers, and store specials - all fully automated. You only have to set up the system once, and the system will automatically generate and send your newest products. You can create an email template or use our lovely pre-made one. You can also manually send a newsletter to all of your store subscribers or a custom group. You can also tweak product size, number of products per line and live kick in a campaign on certain dates or periodically.

    ✯ Email All store subscribers or selected customer groups
    ✯ Set custom product list
    ✯ Select products from manufacturers
    ✯ Set Sender email
    ✯ Cron services
    ✯ Change subject and email content via RTE
    ✯ Set newsletter currency
    ✯ Include VAT prices
    ✯ Choose from Specials, Bestsellers and Newest (You can also send all of them or any combination)
    ✯ Send products based on criteria
    ✯ Limit number of products per row
    ✯ Multistore
    ✯ Multilingual
    ✯ Change image size
    ✯ Send periodically or manually

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    AutomatedNewsletter for OpenCart comes with extensive documentation with images, installation instructions, features explanations and examples.

    View AutomatedNewsletter Documentation

    AutomatedNewsletter for OpenCart comes with a detailed Q&A section which answers the most common configuration and pre-sale questions we get for the module. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to write them up in the comment section below.

    View AutomatedNewsletter FAQ


    Store Front DEMO
    Admin Panel DEMO



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