Opencart 2.x - Combine Orders v2.5.1

Данное расширение позволяет объединить 2 или больше заказов одного или разных клиентов.

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    ✪ OVERVIEW ✪

    This extension allows you to combine 2 or more orders from same or different customers. Just choose the desired orders, click Combine button and all selected orders will be merged into one, keeping all possible data (products, coupons, vouchers etc).
    ✪ FEATURES ✪

    Unique extension!
    ▸ One-click action: select orders and click Combine. Process is similar to editing order, but in a silent way.
    ▸ Keeps all products and their options from all selected orders, automatically handles product stock quantity.
    ▸ Recalculates everything automatically, notifies customer about combined orders, returns full report.
    ▸ Very useful, if your customers often create several orders instead of one.

    Current version: 2.6.1 (change log).

    ✪ HOW IT WORKS? ✪

    Combine Orders is a pretty smart extension, which utilizes OpenCart API to combine multiple orders at once. It takes order with the highest ID (base order) from the list of selected orders and uses it as a source of basic information: customer info, shipping and payment methods etc. All products and their options from selected orders are re-added to shopping cart and then all shipping, payment and total data recalculated accordingly. It works similar to standard order editing, but in silent mode. You just need to select orders and click Combine button!


    You can check how it works on our demo site (username: demo, password: demo). Go to Sales -> Orders, select some orders and click Combine button at the top right.

    Extension's settings can be found on Extensions -> Modules page. Click Edit near Combine Orders module and play with settings.


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