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Its a must have extension which allows customers to easily share their cart content with friends

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    Email Cart
    Its a must have extension which allows customers to easily share their cart content with friends, family or business colleagues in a variety of medias. These include social media sights such as twitter, Facebook or skype. Or, if you wish to use the service for admin purposes, a quick an easy over-the-phone option is available.
    Those who wish to use the e-mail cart for admin purposes can create offline orders by phone and can send the contents of the cart to an online customer. Admins can customize their own emails through subject and content. They are also able to set their own discounts which customers can use and share.


    There are great tools to keep track of promotions, news letters, email addresses and social media depending of your needs. Users can do this with a full and comprehensive list of, products, options and number of clicks.

    Email cart is the newest and best extension available for online marketing. Useable for news letters, advertisements, banners, and anywhere you can find a link to add to your cart!

    What email cart is best for:
    * New customers are able to receive a direct link to the checkout or cart before opening an account. So, theres no need to waste time browsing for products. Thats the great thing about email cart!

    * You can use it to tailor make product lists that will bring customers straight to the checkout!

    * You are also able to track all emails that were sent by your customers. So email cart admins have access to statistics that keep them ahead of the competition.

    Compatible with openCart 2.x

    • Create unlimited carts.
    • Link to share in social media, newsletters, etc.
    • Customer can create shopping cart for friends.
    • Admin can create unlimited carts.
    • Link to Cart or Checkout
    • Statistics clicks and orders.
    • Field BCC Email.
    • Clean the contents Cart.
    • Multistore.
    • Multilingual.
    • Re-sending email.
    • Discounts for customers.

    Admin (Extensions -> Modules -> Email Cart -> Manage module)
    Setting module (Extensions -> Modules -> Email Cart)
    Link to popup with form to sending email (You must add product to cart)



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