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There’s no doubt, the future of Internet business is much more personal. Help us say goodbye to

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    There’s no doubt, the future of Internet business is much more personal. Help us say goodbye to, 'Dear valued customer, your ticket number is x', and say hello to more, 'Hey Tom, your new shoes in the right size are on their way :)'.~ Paul Adams, VP of Product Development in Intercom"

    Intercom is a fundamentally new way for every team in an internet business to see and talk to customers, with products for live chat, marketing, feedback, and support. See it in action.

    Seamless Intercom Chat Integration In Your OpenCart Store - Seamless Intercom chat integration in your OpenCart store
    Chat With Your Logged-In And Guest Users - The Intercom chat OpenCart integration enables you to have conversations with the guests in your website as well as your logged-in customers.
    Let Your Online Customers Start New Conversations - The web chat enables your website visitors to start conversations and ask questions. Every website visitor is a sales opportunity. Chat and convert them to customers.
    Real Time Communication - Human conversations all the time
    Secure Mode Available Making Sure That The Conversations Are Kept Private - Enable or disable secure mode for IntercomChat. Enabling secure mode for your web store ensures that conversations between you and your logged-in users are kept private, and that one user can't impersonate another.
    Integrated Emjis/b] - Inject life into conversations. Why type it when you can show it.
    And many many more - For full list of features visit the link below




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