Opencart 2.x - Path Manager v2.3.1

Get full control on urls of your products for every part of your website.

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    Get full control on urls of your products for every part of your website.
    Add url including categories for products displayed in any module (which usually displays only a direct link).

    - Rewrite any link to a product, from any module !
    - Various rewrite modes : direct, shortest path, largest path, or manufacturer path
    - Preserve breadcrumbs and choose in which way it should be displayed
    - Limit max categories depth
    - Direct link to category option
    - Homepage rewriting option
    - Update canonical link using the url generated by the module (canonical link is the link google uses)
    - Overwrite category path option
    - Remove search parameter in search results
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    == 4 Modes available ==

    1) Largest path
    All links will be rewritten to include the deeper path with subcategories.
    For example, the modules like latest, featured or special generate links like :

    In this mode, the link will become :

    Exactly like if you have opened it from the real category.

    2) Shortest path
    If the product exists in more than one category, only the shortest found path will be taken, example :
    product is in :
    In largest path mode, first link is displayed, in shortest, it will be the second one

    3) Direct link
    You prefer urls like ? this mode is for you, it will not only make all links to products without categories but will also regenerate the correct breadcrumbs. For exemple, by default when you have a direct link, the breadcumbs is "home > product", but the module get the breadcrumbs including it's category like "home > cat > subcat > product"

    4) Manufacturer path
    Display the product url to include the manufacturer path :
    It also update the canonical link in meta tags, so the link google will consider for a product will be the one generated with the module.

    If a product is in multiple categories, the path of the current category is preserved, this way the breadcrumbs are always the good ones. But you can also choose to rewrite even links from categories.

    From the admin section you can:
    - choose the mode that fits the best for you
    - choose if you override links from categories too
    - choose the categories that will never be displayed in case of multiple paths

    The purpose is to have only one path to a product, to have the breadcrumbs always including the path to a product, and to optimize SEO. Obviously this module is interesting only if url rewriting is activated.

    The full path management works with :
    - Featured Module
    - Latest Module
    - Special Module
    - Bestseller Module
    - Search results
    - Related products
    - and any other products links, even in custom modules !

    Demo (not up-to-date) : (look at the featured links on home page)
    Admin (demo/demo) : (Extensions > Full product path)
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