Opencart 2.x - PreOrder - Pre-Order Out-of-Stock Products v2.9.2

The Pre-Order module allows your users to order products which are currently not in stock by replaci

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    The Pre-Order module allows your users to order products which are currently not in stock by replacing the Add-To-Cart button with Pre-Order. The module elevates OpenCart's default Integration to a new more comprehensible and customer intuitive way.
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    ✯ NEW: Works with product options
    ✯ NEW: Customizable multilingual note on the PreOrder product page
    Get Visual - Simple and straightforward bar chart will give you the products your customers are willing to pre-order and wait for.
    PreOrders List + Notified list - Up-to-date preorders list vis-a-vis Archive of notified users for an easy divide and organize of products and customers who are waiting and should be notified upon order's updated status.
    Multistore - Enjoy PreOrder on all your stores running on OpenCart. PreOrder provides full support for the OpenCart multistore feature.
    Multi-Lingual Support - If your store is running in more than one language, PreOrder does too.


    PreOrder for OpenCart comes with extensive documentation with images, installation instructions, features explanations and examples.

    View PreOrder Documentation

    PreOrder for OpenCart comes with a detailed Q&A section which answers the most common configuration and pre-sale questions we get for the module. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to write them up in the comment section below.

    View PreOrder FAQ


    PreOrder DEMO



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