Opencart 2.x - Questions & Answers PRO - Ask a question v2.1.0

Модуль - Вопрос - Ответ на странице товара (с модерацией)

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    Модуль вопрос-ответ на странице товара

    With this extension you can add a new module (or a tab) to product page where customers can view product related questions, ask new questions regarding your product and also answer other customers' questions. Additionally the extension adds a separate question form module (which can be placed to any layout and any position) for general store related enquiries that has the same functionality as the product related questions. The general store questions and answers can be viewed on a separate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page with its own layout and SEO URL or from within a module that can be placed anywhere. Both question modules - the general and prduct related - have pagination and support question searching and sorting. All functionality is fully AJAX based.
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    Версия v2.1.0
    Live Demo
    OpenCart 2.0 Store / Admin
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