Opencart 2.x - REST API 2017-07-23

This extension provides a RESTful api for your webshop. It can be used for various purposes such

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    This extension provides a RESTful api for your webshop. It can be used for various purposes such as when you are developing a mobile app (iOS, Android etc.) for your webshop or when you want to give someone access to some or all of the products in your webshop.

    • RESTful design
    • Supports the complete checkout process including (custom) payment methods.
    • Uses internal OpenCart files to retrieve, update, insert and delete data so any installed extension is automatically applied to the API without the need to modify the API.
    • No OpenCart core files changed.
    • Responses in JSON format.
    • Light weight.
    • Customizable without overriding core files.
    • Authentication using the OAuth 2.0 implementation for secure access.
    • Optimized for use in mobile application. (iOS, Android etc.)
    • GZip support
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    • Register
    • Login
    • Logout
    • View account details
    • Update account details
    • Set new account password
    • View address book
    • Delete an address from address book
    • Add an address to the address book
    • Update an address in the address book
    • View order history
    • Update subscribe to newsletter
    • Forgot password
    • View the wishlist
    • Add a product to the wishlist
    • Delete a product from the wishlist
    • View purchased downloads

    Shopping cart
    • View the shopping cart
    • Add a product to the cart
    • Update the quantity of a product in the cart
    • Delete a product from the cart
    • Add a coupon
    • Add a voucher
    • Add reward points

    • View all the categories
    • View all the manufacturers
    • View product details
    • View the special prices products
    • Search for products
    • Post a product review

    • Get the latest products

    • Complete checkout steps (setting payment and shipping address, pick a payment and shipping method)
    • The customer can pay with the payment methods you already use in your webshop

    Api documentation:

    If you want to interactively test the API you can install POSTMan extension (Google Chrome is needed) and import the postman collection:

    Static documentation can be found here:

    - Opencart 1.x.x version
    - Opencart 2.x.x version


    Server Requirements:
    • PHP 5.3 or higher
    • VQMod installed (only for Opencart 1.x.x, the extension for Opencart 2.x.x uses OCMod)
    • mod_rewrite enabled


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