Opencart 2.x - Smart Admin Access v2.0.0

Many online stores are looking for solutions how to protect their own management page and settings

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    Many online stores are looking for solutions how to protect their own management page and settings from unauthorized access. In this will help special module "Smart Admin Access from the development team "OCdevWizard". The module can restrict access by IP, which before was set by store manager. Access rules by IP have wide opportunities in settings. Also, there is an option to access the login page via the special function "Image Pattern". It is also important to note the advantage of this module: the module itself does not force the administrator to rename the system folder "admin", as it is not correct. The module has its own work algorithm which perfect copes with its task.
    ...The team of the developers "OCdevWizard" offers you the excellent solution for your business: module which needs absolutely each internet store. Don’t lose you time – buy the module "Smart Admin Access just now and estimate all its benefits.

    ⍟ The instructions for DEMO ⍟
    1) Repeat this lines on the Lock screen

    ⍟ "Smart Admin Access" Features ⍟
    ✯ You do not need to rename the admin directory now, that is right!
    ✯ Protects Admin panel from any visitors.
    ✯ Special "Not Found!" page for all the visitors who trying to log in the Admin panel.
    ✯ Special Backup-access system for Admin.
    ✯ The module records the attempted logins to the Admin panel.
    ✯ Notify the administrator by email when someone tried to log in.
    ✯ Multi language support.
    ✯ Using vQmod or OCmod.
    ✯ The plugin does not overwrite any system files.
    ✯ Simple Installation.



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