Opencart 2.x - Store Locator Pro - Многофункциональная карта PRO 2018-06-17

1-click installation, widely customizable Allows you to add you stores/location with custom icon and

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    Store Locator Pro

    modern UX design, using Google Maps, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

    1-click installation, widely customizable
    Allows you to add you stores/location with custom icon and bubble info.
    Included search history to support grow of your business.

    Пароль на архив:

    Visitor view:
    OC1.5.5+ (multistore)

    user: demo
    pass: demo
    navigate to: Extensions -> Store Locator

    *** REQUIREMENTS ***
    OpenCart v1.5.5 - v1.5.6.4
    OpenCart v2.0 - v2.3

    *** LIST OF FEATURES ***
    module is pre-configured to look like demo stores but without stores (see above)

    - Unlimited count of locations, groups & configurations
    - Every map can use different google API key
    - Sorting by priority
    - Location can be easily finend by draging icon on map
    - History of user searches
    - Tooltips for help fill in a form
    - User friendly setting (grafical switches, auto filling, auto updating)
    - "Tons" of configuration options, see administration at demo store

    User Interface:
    - UX design
    - Responsive Design support
    - Multi-store customization (allows customize design and list of map locations for every store)
    - HTML5 location search service (optional)
    - Onload location definition
    - Onload autosearch (by anything you want: address, location, group, product and combinations)
    - User search by groups, country, city or product (and combinations)
    - Customizable store icon
    - Secured connection (optional)
    - Bubble info (with tabs - optional) on icon click with customizable multilinual description(opening hours, phone, etc..)
    - QR code for mobile device and link to google maps
    - Grouping icons on zoom out (optional)
    - Widely customizable front end by CSS easly from admin (no file rewrite required)
    - Navigation to store
    - Foreword & afterword text (optional)
    - Map Styles (19 pre-styled + you can add yours)
    - TouchScreen support (optional auto disable/enable scrollzoom, drag map)
    - AJAX asynchronous call for shorter time of result and lower server load


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