Opencart 2.x - Super Mega Menu v2.3

Super Mega Menu V2 module for Opencart 2.x

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    Super Mega Menu V2 module for Opencart


    For admin demo use username: demo and password: demo

    ++ updated 04-08-2016 Opencart 2.3.x version added +++

    ++ updated 11-07-2016

    - Added a new item type to the opencart 2.x branch of the menu. The new item type is 'Category with subcategories and latest products' => Top item is category, first level of children are subcategories and the next level has a configurable number of latest products for each subcategory

    Older updates are listed in the documentation tab.

    This module will disable your default categories menu from header and will add instead a mega menu with great features:

    + When adding an item to the top menu, you can select one of the 10 menu types:

    > Category link (with dropdown if it has subcategories)

    > Information link

    > Information dropdown

    > Custom link

    > Manufacturers dropdown

    > +More dropdown (you can add a more dropdown with the top categories you cant fit in top bar)

    > Featured categories (same as more dropdown)

    > Products Dropdown (display dropdowns with general store: latest products / specials / bestsellers / featured)

    > Category with products (Display a category as top link and latest products from within it in the dropdown)

    > Login / Account Dropdown

    You can display up to 3 levels of categories (top category with dropdown of subcategories and its sub-subcategories)

    You can display the categories in dropdown as normal list or as images grid

    You can add a banner with link in dropdown

    You can easyly change the menu background color and links colors from admin

    The dropdown banner, custom html dropdown, custom link and others are multilanguage

    You can specify a custom width for each item's dropdown

    You can specify a custom width for the subitems in a dropdown

    The menu is integrated with hoverintent

    Vqmod and no vqmod versions for convenient installation (for oc 1.5.x) - In opencart 2.0 SuperMenu will integrate trough opencart's default ocmod.

    See more in the demo.


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