Opencart 2.x - Ultimate Shipping v230.1

Ultimate Shipping - мощнейший модуль доставки

  1. Maygur
    Однозначно один мощнейших модулей доставки с возможностью построения самой сложной логики, на основе практически всех полей Opencart.
    Для дропшипперов и мультисторов просто незаменим!
    Здесь примеры построения логик:

    Compatible Versions: v1.5.2.x, v1.5.3.x, v1.5.4.x, v1.5.5.x, v1.5.6.x, v2.0.0.x, v2.0.1.x, v2.0.2.x, v2.0.3.x, v2.1.0.x, v2.2.0.x

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    Create shipping charges based on any criteria you want! Ultimate Shipping uses an intuitive "rules" system to easily determine when your shipping charges appear. Set standard rates (such as based on total or weight) or live rates (such as UPS or FedEx) for individual products or groups of products, and then combine the charges together into a single charge displayed to the customer.
    • Upload and go — modifies no core files.

    • Enjoy peace of mind: all settings are automatically saved to the database when changed, and are backed up to a backup file every time the admin panel is loaded. Settings can also be manually backed up, and then downloaded to restore from later, or to edit in a spreadsheet application.

    • Create charges quickly and easily using the clean admin interface and intuitive rules system. Available rule types include:

      - Adjustments: charge adjustments such as min/max/round, flat/percent adjustments to charges or cart/item criteria, cumulative bracket charges, tax classes, and more

      - Cart/Item Criteria: length, width, height, quantity, stock, total, volume, weight

      - Date/Time Criteria: day of the week, date, time

      - Discount Criteria: coupon, gift voucher, reward points

      - Location Criteria: address, city, country, distance, geo zone, location comparison, postcode, zone

      - Order Criteria: currency, custom field, customer, customer group, language, past orders, store

      - Product Criteria: attribute, attribute group, category, manufacturer, option, product, user-created product group, or any other product column
    • Build rule sets to apply multiple rules to a single charge at once. Re-use the same rule set for different charges to quickly create the charges you need.

    • Combine multiple charges into one final cost using simple or complex formulas. Supported functions include Sum, Max, Min, and Average.

    • Group products, categories, manufacturers, options, and attributes together however you want to create Product Groups. These groups can then be used to determine when charges apply to products, and which products to which they apply.

    • Use the included Testing Mode to determine why charges are not appearing on the front-end, helping to debug complex rule interactions.


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