Opencart - BitCoin Payment Method 2017-11-09

Standalone BitCoin payment method for OpenCart v2 that works with bitcoind via RPC

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    BitCoin Payment Method for OpenCart

    Standalone BitCoin payment method for OpenCart v2 that works with bitcoind via RPC.


    ✯ Real standalone Bitcoin module: receive your coins directly without any third-parties
    ✯ Clean and crisp module, no file modifications
    ✯ Compatible with every theme
    ✯ Automatic currency conversion when the BitCoin payment is selected
    ✯ Minimum Order Total amount settings
    ✯ Custom Geo-Zone settings
    ✯ QR Code supports
    ✯ 100% OpenSource under the GNU GPL v3 License

    1. bitcoind (this step requires the root access to install it)
    2. 50Gb of free disk space (os + block chain + website data)
    3. cURL module


    1. Copy all files from the upload directory into the root of your store
    2. Install, configure and activate the BitCoin module
    3. Create new system currency with BTC code


    This module can be used with No need to setup bitcoind on another server. Simply open a bitcoin wallet at and enter the following details into the module setup:

    RPC Host:
    RPC Port: 80
    RPC Path: (leave blank)
    RPC User: Your wallet Identifier (ex: a69f2er8-b601-6et2-91d1-j2dffff08giu)
    RPC Password: Your wallet password
    Bitcoin Currency: Select Euro, Pound or USD
    QR Code: Google API
    Order Total: 1
    Order Status: Processing
    Geo Zone: All Zones
    Status: Enabled
    Sort Order: 0

    Don't forget to add your server IP to the whitelist and enable API access in the wallet settings.


    1. bitcoin-settings.png
    2. currency-settings.png
    3. order-info.png
    4. payment-methods.png
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