Opencart - Custom Menu (amazon menu + sidebar menu +category wall) 3 in 1 2018-06-30

Custom Menu (amazon menu + sidebar menu +category wall) 3 in 1

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    Custom Menu (amazon menu + sidebar menu +category wall) 3 in 1

    Compatible with Opencart: 1.5.x / 2.0.x / 2.1.x / 2.2.x / 2.3.x / 3.x

    A reliable and functional module of the horizontal, vertical menus allows you to create menus from custom items and / or use categories, products, brands and articles from the existing store catalog.

    Пароль на архив:

    • unlimited menu levels;
    • featured categories, manufacturers, products, articles;
    • custom links with their own parameters (groups, classes, icons ...);
    • horizontal adaptive menu (amazon style);
    • vertical menu in three styles: "Accordion", "Flyout" and "Push Menu";
    • multi-level showcase;
    • export / import module settings and the structure of menu items;
    • hiding empty categories and brands (without products);
    • support for multi-stores and user groups;
    • connection and use of arbitrary styles and scripts;
    • W3C validator ready;
    • optimized for best performance;
    • module does not replace system files;
    • simple installation and more ...

    Demo: Category page, Product page, Articles
    Admin Demo: (username/password: demo/demo)


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