Opencart - MultiStore Contest Winner Responsive Template v1.7

MultiStore is an award winning responsive multipurpose premium OpenCart template.

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    MultiStore is an award winning responsive multipurpose premium OpenCart template. It comes with 9 powerful theme built modules, including a blog, unlimited colors, custom footer, quick view, product navigation etc. MultiStore features a state of art easy installation. After you download MultiStore you can use the custom built MultiStore installer and the theme will be automatically set to look in the exactly same awesome way as in the demo.
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      Responsive Design
      MultiStore Responsive will look awesome, no matter if you view it on a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

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      SEO Lightweight Blog
      MultiStore comes with an easy to use multilingual SEO friendly blog system. Easily add a title, excerpt, description, select an author and add an image.

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      Powerful Quickview Module
      Significantly decrease the time web store visitors add an item to cart. Quickview module increases conversion by allowing customers to purchase with a single click.

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      Premium Powerful Custom Footer
      A custom footer designed from scratch to make MultiStore experience seamless. Four powerful columns with Multilingual support, featuring Facebook, Twitter, About us and Contact us columns.

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      Unlimited Colors
      MultiStore the way you want it. Explore the vast array of features that would allow you to take a full control over MultiStore Responsive. Easily switch between the main color accent and experiments with over 500+ web safe fonts.

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      Product Navigation
      Easily switch between next and previous products with our handmade Next/Previous buttons.

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      Insure your beautiful e-commerce web store against old and obsolete browser experience.

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      One Click Installer
      The setup of MultiStore takes only a few minutes. Simply copy/paste all the files situated in the Upload/ folder in ZIP file. Then all you have to do is go to the admin panel of OpenCart run the MultiStore Installer. Now MultiStore has been successfully installed and set up exactly as you see it in the demo. Enjoy MultiStore!
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