Opencart - Omtex - Mobile and Tablet Version 2016-11-17

Omtex (Opencart Mobile & Tablet Version) is now compatible with OC Versions.

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    Omtex (Opencart Mobile & Tablet Version) is now compatible with OC Versions. More than 1000 stores using this extension for their mobile and tablet versions. Smart and dedicated mobile optimized version, mobile friendly layouts, mobile friendly modules, mobile friendly navigations.

    Google Mobile Friendly Extension



    ✔ Join more than 10,000 Happy Opencart Store Owners enjoying the extensions designed and developed by Opcrat, Opencart Partner.
    Everything you need to open a Mobile Optimized Version and Tablet Optimized Version of your Opencart web store. In addition to powering your online opencart store, Omtex includes built-in mobile commerce and tablet commerce features so your customers can browse and buy from your store using their mobile phones and tablets. Omtex automatically detects devices and renders its optimized version accordingly.

    ✔ Full mobile commerce and tablet commerce functionality, including an optimization for touch based portrait and landscape browsing.
    ✔ Mobile and tablet storefronts includes the same features, functionalities and details as your web opencart store.
    ✔ Mobile and tablet admin store settings includes feature to select and activate mobile and tablet template, and also deactive it to keep same as web version.
    ✔ Switch version options Mobile<->Desktop, Tablet<->Desktop. Option to choose light weight, optimized or separate logo for mobile and tablet versions.
    ✔ Mobile and tablet optimized default extensions and modules. Option to enable/disable and set different positions for mobile theme and tablet theme.
    Store Front Demo
    (Mobile version check on Mobile Devices)

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