Organie - Organic Store, Farm, Plant & Flower Shop OpenCart Theme 2018-02-22

Organie is the only organic theme you’ll ever need cause it covers all business types like store, fa

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    Organie is the only organic theme you’ll ever need cause it covers all business types like store, farm, cake or flower shop… Organie does not only obtain the high performance and effectiveness that an OpenCart theme should have to attract customers. It’s better. Go exploring by yourself. 12+ Homepages We’ve made sure all homepage can impress your customers from the first look. You should check out our online documentation & if still need any help, don’t forget to contact our developer directly.
    Proffesional search optimization tool at your disposal. The missing OpenCart SEO functionality built right into the theme. A worthy rival of the existing premium extensions.

    We analyzed some of the OpenCart’s weak points and created an extension in order to improve them. According to our test, your shop will be faster than default OpenCart installation. There are also various frontend optimizations to maximize user experience and hit better results in page speed tests.

    Powerful article system to manage blog/news for your online store to generate more traffic and sales for your business. Packed with all the features that you need to informn and interact with your customers! Intuitive and simple to use back-end interface. Beatiful front-end. Don’t forget – blogging helps you rank in search engines.

    Improve your customer’s experience with super fast instant suggestion results! Upgrades the default OpenCart search engine to bring more accurate data. Built-in cache system to reduce database queries and server load. Many options to customize search results. Smooth and aesthetic theme integration.

    A must have marketing tool to built email subscription lists! Easy and fast way to keep your customers informed about new and top selling products, special offers, promotions, sales and so on. One click subscription with no registration needed.

    Extra Product Fields (Tabs) allows you to add an unlimited number of custom fields to your product form. If you are looking to allow your customers to download an installation manual or display extra details about your product, this extension is just what you need!

    This module gives customers a realistic shopping experience where a customer can quickly review all the product information and make a buying decision without leaving the product page. PAGE BUILDER Ready!

    Light-weight module that shows the products that are most often purchased together. Set, display and position AlsoBought according to your store unique outlook and needs.

    More Features
    Import/Export Tool
    Quickly export and transfer your
    custom theme configuration to
    another store! Choose between
    different export options.

    Drag&Drop header builder
    Everyone has their own view on
    how the header should look like.
    Drag the header elements around to
    build the one that best
    matches your store style.

    Custom Product Pages
    Easily change the OpenCart product
    page layout. Choose between several
    variants with different elements
    position and configure thumbnail size,
    images zoom and product options

    Page templates
    You can save your custom layout as
    template and use it for as many pages
    as you like. No more wasting time
    to build everything from scratch.

    Sticky Header
    Make your site quicker to navigate!
    Your customers will have an always
    accessible navigation menu with
    minimalistic design that will spare
    vertical spacing.

    Custom site backgrounds
    Place a catchy background on your
    site to complement its look. You can
    have different background for every
    page or category.

    Unlimited Colors
    Extensive color control over the entire
    web store! You can change the text,
    background or border color of every
    single element. The color inheritance
    functionality will save your time.

    Custom Fonts
    Boost your site with 630+ web
    optimized Google fonts with
    customizable style, size, letter or word
    spacing. Set a global line height and
    all elements will be automatically

    Font Awesome
    Most popular font icon library
    embed in BurnEngine. 670+ retina
    icons at your disposal will render
    perfectly on any device!

    With full multi-store support, you can
    have different colors and fonts, style
    individually each website area, create
    custom layouts, page content and

    Touch Optimized
    Theme supports touch swipe gestures
    in sliders, carousels or galleries.
    Hover events are handled for
    dropdown menus as well. No more
    worries about usability on mobile

    Live Edit
    No more save and refresh! You can
    make changes to colors or fonts,
    modify navigation, style pages, use
    Page Builder and see all the changes
    right away.

    Multi-language ready
    All theme added features support
    multiple languages where appropriate.
    E.g. a text block can have separate
    values and be enabled/disabled for
    different languages.

    RTL Languages
    Full right-to-left language (Arabic,
    Hebrew etc.) support. Language
    direction is auto detected and works
    out of the box with no additional

    3rd party module compatibility
    BurnEngine is not limited to use
    Page Builder built-in blocks only. You
    can easily use any OpenCart
    module. All default styling options
    are available here as well!

    Free Support & Updates
    Our dedicated team of professionals
    will do whatever it takes to fix any
    possible issues that may come up, or
    help our customers, if they need any
    ‘how to’ guidance.


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