Product Option Table w/multi bulk discounts, unimlited rows 2017-11-05

This opencart mod will allow you to set a product table for each opencart product

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    This opencart mod will allow you to set a product table for each opencart product.


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    If you need help installing this mod please contact me. I will need login information!

    This MOD works and is guaranteed to work on the default theme from OpenCart. This mod may work with other themes but is NOT guaranteed to work with other themes... There are a lot of custom themes (that have a lot of modifications to the product template files) they may have coding that is not compatible with this mod. If you are using other Mods that edit the product template page they may not be compatible...

    Each product table can have unlimited rows of products entered with unique product ids for each item, a unique image for each row, multiple bulk discounts, multiple columns for anything manually entered, product row base price,
    product row dropdown select options, row priority, row product weight, inventory per row, hidden or out
    of stock status per row, quantity box per row.

    This is perfect for selling: t-shirts, hats, tools, parts, hardware, computer parts, wholesale items, car parts, lumber, picture frames, photos, prints or anything you want!


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