Quick Order - Journal Theme 2016-11-28

Quick Order - Journal Theme This mod is only for Journal Theme

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    Quick Order - Journal Theme
    This mod is only for Journal Theme
    Versions:2.4.12 - 2.7.6
    Multi languages

    Shows Quick Order in the product page
    The position can be left or right
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    Bundle modifications - Journal Theme

    You can see our other modifications to Yournal Theme here


    The application is compatible with
    Dreams multi users and multi sellers system
    The message is received by both the administrator and supplier

    1. Installation - OCMOD
    a. To install this mod go to your OpenCart Admin panel > Extensions > Extension Installer.
    b. Click the Upload button and select the ocmod file that you previously unzipped.
    c. You should get a green message saying: "Success: You have installed your extension!”.
    d. Now navigate to Extensions > Modifications and click on the Refresh button at the top right corner of the screen.

    2. Place upload folder in the root folder of your store

    You can make language files in all languages
    row 90 change box border color and style
    row 92 change box title color and style
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