SuperTheme - Opencart 1.5.x responsive template 2016-06-07

SuperTheme is a responsive opencart theme with a modern and practical design, its easy to navigate

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    SuperTheme - Responsive Template for Opencart
    +++ Update 24.06.2014 - Supermenu from the theme updated to latest version +++

    +++ Update 16.04.2014

    Added 2 new positions: Below menu 66% and Below menu 34% (basically it allowes you to set big slideshow with banner or banners to its right);

    Added setting in admin , at supertheme control panel, in the header tabs for header style: You will have 2 styles for header from now on: 1. Compact (as was before and as is now in the demo) and 2. Expanded (youll have the search, wellcome text and default navigation expanded - see screenshot in the images)

    +++ Update 22.02.2014 - Updated Supermenu within supertheme to v2 and applied minor fixes +++

    +++In last update+++

    Updated supermenu to show second and 3rd levels in mobile version


    admin demo:

    use username demo and password demo

    The admin demo will take you directly to the SuperTheme Control Panel, go to extension > modules to also see the Supermenu and the color manager.

    For frontend demo use the Live Demo button above.

    *** This template requires Vqmod to be installed in order to run.Make sure you have vqmod installed before you install it!

    SuperTheme is a responsive opencart theme with a modern and practical design, its easy to navigate on both desktops and mobile devices. Test the demo website for more insight.

    Includes a lot of features, mods and modules like SuperMenu and Color Manager.

    SuperTheme has a Control Panel that gives you the folowing possibilities:

    > To hide the add to cart for all products

    > To hide the add to cart just for some selected products

    > To hide the add to wishlist for all products

    > To hide the add to compare for all products

    > You can easyly add custom css snippets for theme styleing directly from the Control Panel

    > Any page in the website can have its own custom background thanks to the Backgrounds form which gives you the possibility to add a background color and even a background image easyly from the control panel. The background applies to the body tag and its recognized in each page by url

    > You have lots of options to customize the footer. You can insert social links like facebook, twitter and others, you can ad a custom text to the footer like in the demo and contact information about your store. You can also add a custom payment methods image in the footer section.

    > You can also add a custom banner to appear in the header with a custom link like the one from the demo, the banner will only appear on desktops while on lower resolutions will not in order to simplify the layout

    > See the admin demo of the SuperTheme Control Panel for more insight

    The template includes lots of other features:

    > Adds 4 new positions to the homepage, category and product pages. One position below the header , another one below it in 3 columns , then above the footer another full position and below it one in 3 columns.

    > Improved add to cart notification popup with the help of vqmod

    > Compact header links to have more space for banner

    > Login form in the footer

    > With the help of the included module SuperMenu you can ad custom links to the top menu with custom dropdown, banners in dropdowns and more

    > Navigate through the demo to see all mentioned and more.


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